Companies Like PEAKHD Make It Simple to Supply Entire Fleets With Pure Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Most medium- and heavy-duty commercial trucks today are powered by diesel engines. In 2010, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) published new rules requiring those vehicles to incorporate active measures aimed at reducing certain types of emissions.

Most manufacturers responded by adding systems that allow the injection of diesel exhaust fluid into the exhaust streams of their trucks. This approach reduces the emission of nitrogen oxides along with certain types of particulates.

As a result, many fleet managers today must ensure the vehicles they care for are always supplied with top-quality diesel exhaust fluid. While this can be difficult to accomplish, there are also proven ways of making it easier to keep up with this important duty.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Can be Tricky to Handle

Consisting of nothing but natural urea and purified, deionized water, diesel exhaust fluid is generally safe and harmless. Unfortunately, it is also susceptible to deterioration or outright contamination, either of which will inhibit its ability to break down nitrogen oxides.

Trucks and other vehicles that are supplied with impure diesel exhaust fluid can easily exceed EPA-established limits on their emissions. That can lead to costly fines for the companies that own and operate them, particularly if such lapses happen with any regularity.

This leaves many fleet managers today struggling to design and maintain systems that will ensure the purity of diesel exhaust fluid at all times. In many cases, it will be much easier and more effective to simply relyon others instead.

Specialists at Supplying Pure, Top-Quality Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Companies like PEAKHD have done everything required to supply pure, clean diesel exhaust fluid all around the country. That means accounting for all the issues that could interfere with this goal at stages including:

  • Transportation. Diesel exhaust fluid must be moved carefully and in ways that it will not become contaminated at any point while in transit.
  • Storage. Special storage systems that protect diesel exhaust fluid from contamination will further safeguard its purity.
  • Dispensing. Great care must also be taken to ensure that diesel exhaust fluid will never become contaminated when being dispensed into vehicles.

By accounting for all such associated issues, companies that specialize in supplying diesel exhaust fluid make work easier for many fleet managers. Oftentimes, it will make the most sense to rely on such a supplier.